Book Review #10 The Two Towers By J.R.R. Tolkien

Greetings, fellow bookworms!

*cheers* This is officially the tenth book review I’ve done here on Rambling Reviews, which is quite an accomplishment considering that I have a reputation of being extremely random and sporadic when it comes to posting.

Anyway, today I’m going to be reviewing The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien! You can find my reviews for The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring here and here!

Title: The Two Towers: Being the Second Part of The Lord of the Rings

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Genre: Fantasy, fiction

Length: 352 pages

Publication Date: November 11, 1954

Where to Buy: Amazon (check out this link!)


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‘. . . Don’t the great tales never end?’

‘No, they never end as tales.’ Said Frodo. ‘But the people in them come, and go when their part’s ended. Our part will end later – or sooner.’

The Two Towers – J.R.R. Tolkien

My Review:


For some reason I got the idea in my head that I could actually review this book. Now that I’m sitting down to do it . . . I have no idea what I was thinking. The Two Towers was an incredible book and you have to know ahead of time that whatever I say is not going to do it justice.

Let’s start with the characters. The Two Towers has most of the same characters from The Fellowship of the Ring which I was happy to see. But there are quite a few new characters we meet. Treebeard the Ent was hilarious and I loved how Tolkien described his character. I also loved getting to see the Riders of Rohan. I couldn’t believe that Tolkien was able to introduce so many new characters . . . and yet, I could still keep them all straight! That goes to show you how good he is at breathing personality into his characters.

And I was so sad to see the death of poor Unnamed Character by the orc’s arrows! (All of you who have read the book probably know who I’m talking about, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else . . .) Though I will admit that I was glad to see that Aragorn wasn’t too “strong and tough” to cry for his friend. *sobs*

Moving on to the plot, I was completely blown away once again. In The Two Towers, there are so many subplots that weave together and eventually culminate at a grand point. They all converge so well and they came together in a way that I was really not expecting. I loved it all, especially being able to see more of Merry and Pippin. The two hobbits are hilarious, especially when they’re together.

Shadowfax also happened to be one of my favorite characters. I know: he’s a horse. But apparently, Tolkien has the ability to give personality not only to trees, orcs, and elves . . . but he can also give a certain aspect of human nature to horses. Shadowfax goes perfectly with Gandalf. Tolkien talks about Shadowfax’s background in some of the appendixes and it was so cool that he put that much work into a horse’s back story! It definitely shows through the story.

Now we turn to Frodo and Sam . . .

I loved getting to see Frodo and Sam’s relationship but by far my favorite part was seeing Gollum again. Not only is Gollum an incredibly memorable and pitiful (and slightly adorable) character . . . I also love what Tolkien did with him. In any other book, I feel like the moral Gollum has to offer would either be played up too much and lose its beautifully tragic reminder . . . or it would be lost altogether. But Tolkien does an excellent job showing Frodo’s pity for Gollum contrasted with Sam’s (who I can’t imagine hurting anyone!) bitter distrust of Gollum. It’s beautiful to see how this complicated relationship plays out. I would go into greater detail but I don’t want to give away any spoilers!


This book has one of the most horrible cliffhangers I’ve ever read. I was sure Frodo was going to die – and I even watched the movies before this so I already knew what would happen! Tolkien did an excellent job of giving this scene its emotional impact. I felt so bad for Sam.

I’d have to say that The Two Towers is my favorite book out of the series. It has just the right amount of emotional bearing, blended with suspense and humor. The morals shine through without being overwhelming and it’s truly an ageless classic.

My Favorite Character from The Two Towers

I’m still going to have to say that Sam was my favorite character. It’s killing me to choose a favorite, but he’s such an amazing character that I can’t help but go with him.

And after all he never had any real hope in the affair from the beginning; but being a cheerful hobbit he had not needed hope, as long as despair could be postponed.

The Two Towers – J.R.R. Tolkien

Sam . . . what can I say? Even when face with despair – when he finds himself all alone – when all his worst fears seem to be coming true – Sam still pushes on. He doesn’t give up and . . . he’s marvelous. I have officially lost all words. I can’t imagine anyone hating or even slightly disliking Sam. He’s such a well-done character, but – despite my gushing – he’s not perfect like you might think. Instead of taking away from his lovely character, this just makes him all the more relatable and loveable.

Would I recommend The Two Towers?


That’s what I’ll say straight off. The Two Towers is most certainly worth the read. It’s absolutely beautiful and you won’t regret reading it! Even though it is a longer book, I read through it pretty fast because it’s so suspenseful. You may find that you’re unable to put down the book after the first few chapters!

Things You Should Know Before Reading . . .

The only thing I can think to caution against is that there’s a bit of violence. This is kind of expected because of the storyline, but I definitely would not say that the violence is excessive. If you’re sensitive towards things like this you might want to double check with someone who’s read this and who knows how much you can handle before you read this. But I can’t remember anything that would make me uncomfortable to recommend this.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Have you read The Two Towers? Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Who is your favorite character? Do you like Sam?

18 Replies to “Book Review #10 The Two Towers By J.R.R. Tolkien”

  1. I totally loved the Two Towers. I’m gonna read it all again this year. I love those quotes. Especially the one from Sam. I laughed sadly when I read that the first time. 😁 Unnamed Character….TRAGIC. I was so sad to see that he died in the books, not just the movies….😭😭😭 I cry with Aragorn. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ❤ I can't pick!!!! Gimli and Gandolf aren't really my favorites, tho…. (Weird. Isn't Gandolf supposed to be everyones' fav…) I love the hobbits, Aragron, and Legolas!!!
        Any way to tell Merry and Pippin apart? (in the movies) I've been trying… I think Merry has slightly darker hair…..

        P.S. I started The Return of the King!!
        P.S.S. Hobbit or Lotr better? (i haven't read the Hobbit yet….)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aw, why don’t you like Gandalf?! He’s hilarious! I thought Gimli was pretty funny, too. (I actually liked him a lot better than Legolas) Oh, I don’t remember what Merry and Pippin even look like in the movies . . . it’s been a little while since we watched them. (Though we’re going to watch The Desolation Of Smaug tonight!)

          Oh, yay, let me know what you think! Are you excited to be done with the series? I would have to say that LOTR is better for a number of reasons – but The Hobbit is definitely funnier!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. yeah… I mean I do like them, just one tenth of a percent less than the others… It’s So hard to pick a favorite!! Ohh, fun!!
            Yeah! I’m a little sad though… LOTR is definitely one of the top ten book series I’ve ever read! I feel like I won’t like the Hobbit as much…. Character wise. Lotr has a wide range of them but the hobbit (from what I know) mainly has a hobbit and a bunch of dwarves (Right?).

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Lol, I get that! *nods* I know, it was so sad coming to the end of the series. I had a hard time not totally bawling my eyes out.

              Yeah, The Hobbit doesn’t have as many characters as LOTR but there’s Bilbo and the dwarves. They do meet quite a few characters, but it’s more of a passing thing.

              Liked by 1 person

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