A Quick Update (On Life and Other Things)

Greetings, fellow bookworms!

Well, for those of you who assumed that I had disappeared off the face of the earth, I am happy to announce that I’m back.



Moving to Utah was quite the adventure, and one that you can see chronicled on my sister’s blog. We had our ups and downs (the downs being slightly larger than the ups, but who can complain), but we are finally getting settled into our new house and it feels good to be getting into something of a routine.

In case any of you are worried, Shadow and Nugget did make it through the long, long days of driving, and the stressful lack of stability as we moved from temporary house to temporary house. They are now happily living in my room and they seem so much more relaxed. I’m so thankful that my little boys made it and seem to be suffering no ill side effects from the move.

Now, about Rambling Reviews.

I was scrolling through old posts and I noticed that I can never quite seem to stay in a consistent schedule when posting. So I’m not going to promise here that that’s going to happen.

What I can say is that I’m trying to create a schedule that won’t be too overwhelming and stressful, and one that I’ll be able to be more consistent with. I’ve got some posts written that I’m excited about and some books I’m anxious to review.

All in all, Rambling Reviews has had quite the up and down journey as well, and I’m thankful that you all have tagged along thus far. (And I promise I will be getting back into the habit of reading all of your posts soon)

Have an amazing day. 💖


How are you doing? What’s been going on in your life lately? Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

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