Book Review #20 A Robertson Family Christmas by Miss Kay Robertson

Greetings fellow bookworms!

Well, if you’re like a few people I know, you’ve been counting down the days to Christmas. We’re getting so close, guys, hang on a little bit longer! 😂 Anyway, today to help ease the impatience (or maybe just spur it on, depending on your personality), I’m reviewing a short Christmas novella!

I hope you’ll enjoy!

Title: A Robertson Family Christmas

Author: Miss Kay Robertson

Genre: fiction, novella, Christmas story

Length: 321 pages

Publication Date: October 01, 2014


When young Hunter Clarke wins a contest to spend Christmas with the Robertsons—a family of Louisiana rednecks—he couldn’t be less thrilled. After growing up in Chicago, Hunter is completely unprepared for the seemingly foreign ways of the Robertsons. Spending a week together with their worlds clashing is going to end in disaster no matter what happens, but Hunter may find that what he had first thought of as a curse was really a blessing in disguise.

“There you go,” Willie said as he was driving. “You don’t need any camo on your face.”

It was a sign of things to come. Bad things. Things that made him miss his warm house and his comfortable sofa and his video games and his iPhone and everything else.

A Robertson Family Christmas by Miss Kay Robertson

My Review:

I’m going to say that I was quite honestly not expecting much from this book. I went into it thinking it was going to be super cliché and cheesy. While it’s certainly not my favorite book in the world, I did enjoy A Robertson Family Christmas much more than I was expecting to.

I’m not a huge Duck Dynasty fan, but the TV show is kind of nostalgic for me; it brings back memories of sitting in my grandma and grandpa’s house and watching some of the episodes while everyone laughed and laughed. I never caught the joke, but I would laugh anyway.

A Robertson Family Christmas is a short novella written by Miss Kay Robertson from the Duck Dynasty show. I thought it was hilarious that she decided to write a book about a teenage boy coming to live with her family—from the viewpoint of the teenage boy. You could tell that she put a lot of work into imagining how an “outsider” would feel living with her family. I think she did a great job of capturing the family’s little quirks and nuances without going overboard. I found Hunter to be an eerily relatable main character.

Now, this is a Christmas story so be warned. I tend to shy away from Christmas stories because they’re almost always really cheesy and perfect, but I feel like the emphasis was less on Christmas and more on family values.

The characters were all well-rounded. This just might come from the fact that everyone (except Hunter) are real people, but I love how clearly their personalities stood out. While I think Hunter is the main character, the story is also told from the viewpoint of Missy Robertson—a mother who is in the middle of watching her kids grow up. I love how she was able to connect more deeply with Hunter than anyone else.

All in all, I found that this was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I can’t say that I’d read it a second time, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for a short, feel-good Christmas story. 😉

My Favorite Character from A Robertson Family Christmas

“Should I be scared?” Hunter asked.

“Terrified,” Willie answered. “You better get a plane back to Chicago right now. Or you’ll be changed. Forever.”

A Robertson Family Christmas by Miss Kay Robertson

Honestly, I really liked Hunter. Throughout the whole story, his character was consistent. There wasn’t one “lightbulb moment” for him and I loved that you could literally see the gradual changes that were taking place in him. His character arc was fantastic.

Content Warnings:

Language: 1/10 (one character curses, though no words are used)

Other: One character gets slightly drunk over the phone. One character smokes.

My Overall Rating

Have you read A Robertson Family Christmas? What did you think? Have you ever watched Duck Dynasty?

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